Paradigm SRP’s GATOR is a modern version of the Duckbill shotgun spreader that was used in Vietnam by the US Navy SEALs. The original Duckbill spreader proved to be extremely effective and deadly in close quarter combat environments.   Although very effective, the Duckbill spreader did have a propensity to fracture after extensive use. Paradigm SRP has overcome the Duckbill’s original issues by totally re-engineering, yet still keeping its combat effectiveness.  The GATOR spreads the shot out into a narrow horizontal pattern.  It is excellent for certain tactical applications, home defense, and hunting situations in thick brush against fast moving 4 legged or 2 legged game.  The GATOR is easily installed on any shotgun with a choke. We sell two versions- one designed for a Saiga shotgun with an externally threaded choke, and one to fit a wide range of internally threaded barrel chokes (Remington, Winchester, Benelli, etc.). When purchasing the internal version (non Saiga) you will be prompted to pick your shotgun model. This will insure that the proper choke will be shipped with your GATOR. If your shotgun is not threaded for a choke, you can have a gunsmith thread it to the choke of your choice. Normally, you will need at least an outer diameter (OD) of 0.850 inches.

The GATOR is manufactured in Houston, Texas and is milled  on CNC machines, using high quality steel, and finally heat treated. The result is a quality product able to withstand a lifetime of firing.



The GATOR is currently only available as a special order by phone for the following choke models:



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